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Welcome to MWCEC

MWCEC is a non-profit charitable organisation that is run by volunteers and funded by donations and grants.

Our volunteers care for sick, injured and orphaned native animals so they have the best chance of survival when released back into their natural habitat.


Barn Owl


Rufous Bettong

Jack Jack
Jack Jack



Barn Owl

Why Are Wildlife Carers Needed?
  • With the increase in development, traffic and people driving throughout the region

  • largely influenced by the coal seam gas development

  • as well as the drought and severe storms, have resulted in an increase in wildlife being injured, displaced or orphaned.

MWCEC's Role
  • Maintain a carers permit for the group and complete the permit returns for animals that have been cared for

  • Provide advice and assistance to carers

  • Arrange regular ‘catch ups’ for carers to get together to share stories, get advice and show what animals are currently in their care

  • Coordinate Wildlife Caring Training

Why Become a Carer
  • You are giving something back to the natural environment

  • It creates a personal connection to wildlife and the natural environment

  • In some small way, you are balancing the impact we as humans have on their habitat

  • The reward of seeing a healthy animal that you have cared for, being returned to the wild

Interested in Becoming a Carer?
  • Learn as much as you can about the animal(s) you wish to care for - read, google it!, attend training courses, talk to other carers, ask Boobook carers questions, etc.

  • Start collecting the supplies you are going to need 

  • Register with MWCEC carers group by completing the members form

  • Attend the compulsory inductions and initial training

  • Prepare your home - For example, designate a room that will allow you to separate wildlife from domestic pets

  • Keep a rescue kit in your car – box, towels, gloves