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Encouraging Wildlife In Our Backyards

Gone are the days of having just lawn in backyards. Many people are beginning to plant native tree's, shrubs and bushes to create ecosystems for native wildlife.  Retaining hollow logs and trees and leaving leaf litter in garden beds are simple ways of creating habitat for natives. 

Going a step further and putting up wildlife friendly fences and eliminating feral pests are also excellent ways of lending our natives a hand.

Pets & Wildlife

All too often native animals and pets cross paths with catastrophic outcomes for both. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to ensure our animals are contained and not roaming where they can come in contact with native animals. Bacteria of a cats mouth is a death sentence when it enters the body of a native animal. If you're presented with a animal from your cat, call a carer ASAP as signs of distress aren't always visible.

Not only should native animals be kept safe, but also pets. Snake bite is a large contributor to death in dogs and cats. This can be avoided by avoidance training and keeping cats indoors.